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Today the company bears their name and produces wines that embody an entire territory.

Azienda Vitivinicola Marulli

Vinemakers from 1975

Back in 1975 Annunziato, heir of winemakers for generations, built his cellar, at a time when Puglia was still the great cellar of Italy, from which loads of wine departed to give body and colour to the wines of the whole boot.

The winery, once on the outskirts of the town, is now right in the centre of it, just a step away from the sanctuary of the Grottella, around which the charm of Saint Joseph da Copertino still lingers.

It is in this charming town that Vito and Francesca grew up, among the vineyards and the cellar, among the grapes tasted straight from the plant to identify the exact moment of the harvest and the smell of must that accompanies the work in the cellar.

They used to experience the magic of starting a tank fermentation with wonder and attention, and also a little apprehension: everyday gestures that Vito and Francesca have always performed.
Today the company bears their name and produces wines that embody an entire territory.
A sacred respect for the land, for the life of the land and for biodiversity in the vineyard have led to the choice of using organic and sustainable agricultural practices in the vineyard.
This is by all means an ethical but also pragmatic choice: from living soil and plants capable of resisting adversity, we get more territorial, authentic, unique wines, which carry within them the taste of the delicate ecosystem of Salento and tell a terroir that is made of hot summer days and cool sea breezes by the moonlight, of the sea that flows under the vineyards, of ancient practices updated with new technical skills, and innovations that make sure that nothing is left to chance. Handcrafted wines, produced by a family of winemakers down to earth with its eye on the future, wines that rest in traditional concrete tanks, in stainless steel containers or wooden barrels, before taking off worldwide. To tell the tale of Salento, one of main characters of wine-making Puglia.